Learning to Code doesn't have to be Monotone!

Learning to Code doesn't have to be Monotone!

In a recent tweet reply last week, I was introduced to a few coding games that would help me get more comfortable with CSS Flexbox.

WAIT! HOLD ON!!! Did you just say coding "games"? Yes, I did. Think of it as an interactive learning platform but with a gamified system that is not only rewarding when you play but it actives the right amount of dopamine you need to feel good about what you have learned.

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I was introduced to a CSS gaming platform called Coding Fantasy. It is a website that has RPG games for learning Flexbox and CSS Grid. The creator Nick Bull really outdid himself with his approach to learning code (I know there are many others as well.) Flexbox to me seems a bit daunting and I felt like all these years of using flexbox I still didn't feel confident with it and my understanding seem very minuscule. Well, it was not. I got through all 24 levels on Easy without a sweat. It was a lot of fun and I wanted more; so I might consider streaming me learn and play on the most difficult mode.

I recommend you give this platform a shot and let me know what your thoughts on it are as well. Do you enjoy learning in a very interactive and rewarding way or do you perform reading docs all day and burn your pupils from reading the same paragraphs over and over again?

I got to say, I enjoy both reading docs and interactive learning by doing, but finding out about CSS games, is a whole new world of learning code for me. I have read the documented guide on CSS Tricks about Flexbox and reflecting on my experience via Coding Fantasy, I think I learned Flexbox quicker and more efficiently than when referring to the written material.

So now I am a Flexbox Master! ⚔️ 😂

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