Learn GraphQL while Building a Bible Study Video App

Learn GraphQL while Building a Bible Study Video App


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My Developer Goal

So as of this week, I will be committing my nights while the kids and wife sleep, to learn GraphQL and start building the ideal Bible API I need for a Bible Study video application I will be #buildinginpublic very soon.

I will be taking the GraphQL Query Language course via Egghead by Eve Porcello - https://egghead.io/courses/graphql-query-language, to get my feet wet into GraphQL along with reading the documentation.

Why GraphQL?

From the research, I have done based on how I envision my application to function, GraphQL makes so sense when it comes to querying specific Bible books, chapters, verses, notetaking, user profiles, and more. I asked a good friend of mine within the codeFellowship( ) Community on Discord, and he was very honest with me about the recommended use of GraphQL for the nature of this app.


If I am going to be building an Open-Source Bible API (which I am going to eventually), then I will just create a REST API using Node.js and Express.js.

Open-Source Bible API

That is right, I will be also working on an Open-Source Bible API that will allow Christian Developers like myself to submit commonly used Bible translations in churches for preaching and study, as well as, the ability to help maintain the Bible API. I have done my fair amount of Bible API research and API.Bible was probably the most well-established one with clean and easy to follow documentation but they do not have the translations needed for my application build and also, I want to take immediate action if possible without having to wait.

Will there be some hurdles? I believe so. If I did not think so, I would be lying to myself because as mentioned in the API.Bible website, the reason they are unable to get so many translations pushed out to their API is that they have to contact the publishers of the requested translation and obtain a license or a green light for the rights to use or distribute the Bible translation in a non-commercial/commercial setting. This I know will be the same for me but I have a different visioned approach on this and I think it will make for a good follow-up post in the near future.

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I would also appreciate it if you have any additional GraphQL resources I should consider when learning, building, and testing.

God Bless!